2008 Reunion

Sept 26, 27& 28



The 2008 reunion is history. All in attendance had a great time. The 2008 Reunion was held in Ponca City on September 26-28 and the weather was just great. The city of Ponca City was out in force for the dedication of a new �Present yourself with Pride� statue. The Mayor, , City Manager, Park Superintendant, VP of Eastman Bank, Director of Tourism for the Chamber of Commerce, and Ponca City's most admired citizen C.D. Northcutt -- all the above were honored for their support and help to restore PMA to its place of prominence in Ponca City. Our Memorial Park has new benches thanks to Hugh Bagley. Don Mellon of Phoenix, AZ will be in charge of the 2009 reunion, please give him your support any way you can. Our PMA Annual Auction was a big success this year � we made a contribution to our trust, paid down the debt on our statue, and still have an operating account for small items thru the year. We send our best to Gene Moore, Bill Stoner, and Rex Morgan who are ill and could not attend this year. Kenny Denton paid tribute to 21 cadets and 2 faculty we lost last year (that we know about). We are still looking for items for the PMA Museum, please help with this effort -- it is important that we do this project, remember this is all we leave behind! Do your part to make it a success.

A large group had a great time at Pauline's Steak House, and yes the BBQ is still good at the Blue Moon. Make plans to attend the 2009 Reunion, you will be glad came. Have a great year in the meantime and we'll see you in Ponca City September 25, 26, 27.

Also the 2009 reunion has been scheduled for September 25-27, 2009


We have received pictures taken during the reunion. Please click on the web address below to see photos and/or a slide show.


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