2009 Reunion
Sept 25, 26 & 27

2009 PMA Reunion Information

This year's reunion was on the 25 th -27 th of September. Our new headquarters hotel was the newly built Holiday Inn Express, located at 2809 N. 14th Street, Ponca City, OK.

To all, from Lisa Mullen.......

Please mark your calendars for Sept 24th, 25th & 26th 2010 for our next PMA reunion. You men that were unable to attend this year really did miss an enjoyable time. There were guys attending that we have of course seen before but quiet a few new faces also. Get in touch with every classmate that you can and make them aware of the dates and encourage them to get with the program. Some of us were visiting this last weekend and wondering what some of the reasons might be for someone not to attend. One that came up was "preconceived notions" that had to do with one up-manship or a variation of it if you will. We all agreed that at our age it just is a non event. We just want to hang out, remember the past times, have some laughs with guys that we have something in common with and that of course was being a part of a school experience that affected everyone of our lives in a positive manner. I probably haven't done a great job of promotion here but you all know what I am talking about. Lets spend some time and see if we can find a classmate that doesn't know about our reunion or is holding back and encourage them to be there in 2010. Our old classmates are falling every year and we need to get it done soon. The movers, shakers and folks in the trenches that spend their time & a great deal of effort making this PMA event come to fruitarian need a really big thanks from all of us. The Memorial Park is just really neat and the new Statue of the Cadets a thing of beauty. Pictures just don't do it justice.

Take care and be safe,

We have received pictures taken during the reunion. Please click on the web address below to see photos .